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Rooftop Grease Containment Arizona

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    Rooftop Grease Containment

    As well as being a fire hazard, grease buildup can also corrode and eventually cave in your roof. This is not something you could probably take care of on your own. Rooftop grease containment requires licensed professionals with professional equipment.


    Exhaust fans are designed to eliminate grease vapors from invading your kitchen and restaurant air. If it doesn’t end up in the restaurant then it must go somewhere and that would be your rooftop. Because of this fact, rooftop containments are regularly required. Call us for an inspection or service today and we can analyze your rooftop and most likely get in like new condition.

    Grease is acidic. Continued build-up of it can cause your roof to deteriorate. A restaurant without a rooftop grease containment risk fire or serious damage to the roof of their building. You need to act before it’s too late.


    The best method for prevention is to install rooftop grease containment on all of your exhaust fans. A properly designed grease containment will collect excess grease from your system while also allowing flow for rainwater to get off your roof to prevent corrosion.

    If installed correctly, rooftop containment will prevent hydrophobic pads, which are designed to shed water and hold onto grease. If you only have a grease box to catch grease without these pads, the rain water and grease will eventually spill onto the roof resulting in a nightmare.

    AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING offers rooftop cleaning services as well as the installation of a rooftop grease containment. We will inspect the system, inform you of any hazards, address the situation as needed, and set up a step-by-step plan for you to keep up with maintenance. We sell, install and maintain efficient systems that are designed to protect your roof from damage.


    Seriously, the local businesses throughout Arizona that we serve, big and small, are the reasons we keep doing this. We have been doing this longer than anyone else and are still the same price, or cheaper.

    We treat every job, no matter the size with the highest level of professionalism. We will treat you, your employees and of course your customers with the utmost respect in Phoenix.

    We are the standard for the entire Grand Canyon State. AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING is knowledgeable of the local codes and will inspect and clean all of your kitchen equipment to the highest standards.

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