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Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

We understand that running a kitchen/restaurant can be an extremely stressful thing. There is so much on the line, and so much going on! Mistakes happen all the time. It makes sense that you might overlook something like grease buildup when you’ve got restless customers to keep at bay.

AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING is the front runner in the entire Greater Phoenix area in exhaust hood system cleaning. We specialize in all aspects of exhaust hood maintenance, including repairs.

Without regular inspection and cleaning of your exhaust system, you are jeopardizing the quality of the air of your restaurant as well as increasing the risk of a fire. Without regular service, grease buildup could be really putting your restaurant at risk.

You are probably required by both law and insurance to have regular service and trust us, their is no other company that compares. There is no reason to look any father. We are the local standard. Don’t risk a grease fire. 

Flammable substances are dangerous, especially when they are liquid. Liquids splash! For that reason, water cannot be used on a grease fire. Grease fires are the number one cause of kitchen fires. Don’t make the biggest regret of your life.

Let us give you a full service Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning. Most of our customers are fully covered by insurance plans. Contact AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING so that we can determine a proper kitchen exhaust system cleaning for your business. Most insurance agencies have their own regulations on top of local law. Inspectors can come unexpectedly. Don’t be caught unprepared. Call us for a free inspection today!

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Our staff contains combined hundreds of years of experience. We employ past restaurant owners as well as certified, trained technicians and engineers. Our system is state of the art and you can’t find anything better anywhere else.

We employ a team of licensed kitchen hood system cleaners who are passionate and knowledgeable. All our employees went to schools specializing in exhaust hood training. We will provide you with an easy to follow, step by step plan for you to maintain an easy to keep exhaust hood system. If we see potential problems, we will point it out to you and make a suggestion on how to fix it and eliminate hazards in the future. Our system doesn’t just follow local regulations, but we exceed them.