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Exhaust Hood Cleaning Arizona

    Affordable Quality Hood Cleaning Professional Commercial Services

    When was the last time you got an exhaust hood cleaning? Why go and get overcharged by hiring many different “specialist”? When you can have our renowned specialized exhaust hood cleaning as well as any other cleaning service you could need. We are the standards of exhaust hood cleaning.

    You should check with your insurance agency on how often you should be inspected but as any insurer would say, don’t hesitate because it is one of the leading causes of business fires. A good rules of thumb is to have an inspection or service done at least every 90 days. The worst thing you could do is get behind on cleaning of exhaust hoods and that goes double for older units.


    We will not only follow, but we will exceed the local fire and health codes as we hold our standards higher than the bare minimum. As a professional exhaust hood cleaning service in the Phoenix area, we are expected to clean your exhaust hood system to the highest standard, and nothing less. We will always use appropriate, up-to-date tools to clean your kitchen equipment. We offer, hands down, the most used and considered Best Hood Cleaning service in all of Arizona.

    We have a fantastic system for making things simple and effective for your exhaust hood needs. We will create an easy to follow, very logical system for you to follow that will keep costs down and safety up. We will warn you of any risk factors or commonly overlooked hazards and you can always call our expert hotline and we can give you any advice or suggestions free of charge.

    Since hinged exhaust hoods are now required by law in Arizona, it’s definitely a good idea to make sure you are up to date. This law is relatively recent so more than likely your system doesn’t have this feature. It would be in your best interest to have a hinge installation by us to avoid a bad outcome from a state inspection. An exhaust hood without hinges can be a fire hazard and can result in permanent, expensive damages. Having a hinged hood system won’t also be an increase in safety but it will also save you money on future services. With a hinged exhaust hood, a cleaning service would be as easy as opening the door instead of the normal process in the past involving completely taking the system off. It will also be easier to find issues with the system. Since they are made of soft aluminum, they are prone to damages that can easily occur when taking them apart for something as simple as a cleaning.


    Not to mention that grease buildup can start to smell and drive customers away, it is also an extreme fire hazard. Most restaurant fires are a direct result of overlooked grease buildup in the hood system. A dirty hood system is a giant accident waiting to happen. Act before it is too late.

    Grease fires can spread rapidly and in a hidden manner. You might not even notice until the fire is too great to do anything about. We are probably second only to firefighters in seeing restaurant fire tragedies. Grease is liquid and can splash and spread into the smallest of crevasses. And since temperatures in the hood system get so high, you are almost literally playing with fire by avoiding one of our services.

    We offer a cheap, probably free (covered by insurance) exhaust hood cleaning service!


    Beyond just bad smells and fires, a result of not having a regular kitchen exhaust hood cleaning by AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING, is rapid roof corrosion. Grease buildup is a silent destroyer of roofs and can completely destroy your business before you can do anything about it. The only way to avoid damages is to remain proactive in the regularity of having the exhaust hood cleaned.

    Beyond just hood cleaning, AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING offers the BEST HOOD CLEANING SERVICE in the entire Grand Canyon State. We are the go to business for all restaurant cleaning needs in Arizona. We set the standard for cleanliness and price. You could go somewhere else, but to do that you will be paying more for less work. We offer an entire all-in-one service for cheap (and usually free for you). We are licensed, bonded and certified in all exhaust hood needs in Arizona.


    This is what we do. We are passionate about innovation and professionalism in commercial kitchen services. Ask around, we are the most widely used, most widely recommended and hands down BEST HOOD CLEANING in the Greater Phoenix area.

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