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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Arizona


    AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING services all of the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area as a professional commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service company with years of experience meeting the restaurant maintenance codes and requirements of the The Valley of the Sun. We have heard of many poor decisions made when it comes to cleaning companies. A purchase of our service comes withan experienced team of professionals who can answer every question and address every need. That is why AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING is the stand-out commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team is made up of certified and licensed hood cleaning professionals who are capable of leaving your kitchen looking like new. We are widely considered the best in town at not only hood cleaning, but pretty much any cleaning service your restaurant or kitchen could need.


    We understand your needs and expectations for a cleaning company goes far beyond just your exhaust hood. While our specialty is hood cleaning, we are diverse in our knowledge and expertise. AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING offers cleaning services for other parts of your restaurant too. We can come into your commercial business, perform a commercial kitchen equipment inspection, and inform you of the overall condition of your kitchen as well as providing a step by step prevention plan. We will identify kitchen safety hazards as well as other potential problems that could be in your near and long term future.

    An unclean hood and exhaust system could be devastating.

    Not only is kitchen cleanliness a huge factor in health safety, it could be an even bigger factor in fire safety. Grease fires happen all the time because business managers often overlook the warning signs. Things can happen. The kitchen gets busy. Grease buildup can be easily overlooked.

    Our technicians are certified kitchen exhaust system cleaners and are knowledgeable. Our team can inspect the unseen areas of your kitchen exhaust system and determine and neutralize any possible fire hazards.

    If you enjoy working with us, we suggest setting up a regular commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service schedule with us so that you never have to worry about missing the boat again.

    We offer many additional services regularly such as the pressure washing of commercial kitchen floors, walls, replacement of exhaust fans, filters, hinges, and more.

    Kitchen cleanliness innovation is our passion. And providing you with 100% customer satisfaction is important to us because it is our livelihood. We treat all of our customers with respect and we take our work seriously. Our entire staff here at AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING hold ourselves to a very high professional standard.

    We have a system down pat. If you are looking for the best commercial kitchen restaurant cleaner in the Phoenix area, look no further. We are the standard for professional grade cleaning.

    In Arizona, AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING is the leading commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service company and is fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.

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