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Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation Arizona

    exhaust fan Hinges Affordable Quality Hood Cleaning Commercial Professional

    Affordable Quality Hood Cleaning Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation

    As a more serious part of our routine service, we will address your exhaust fan needs. The exhaust fan is a key part of your commercial kitchen system, and it should never be overlooked. We will clean your commercial kitchen exhaust fan, as well as address the need for exhaust fan hinges in accordance with fire codes adopted in Arizona. Fire code (NFPA 96) require exhaust fans to be hinged. The hinging helps allow for proper cleaning of the exhaust system as well as extends your fan life… not to mention it is required by law in the Phoenix area.


    Because exhaust fans are made of soft aluminum, they can be damaged during the cleaning or repair process just by taking an unhinged fan off and setting it on the roof. Hinging eliminates the need to remove the fan as it can simply be tilted back to allow complete access to your system. Fans that are not hinged can easily become out of balance and begin to vibrate and make noise. Noise isn’t the only problem here. Electrical wiring is more susceptible to damage in a fan that is not hinged. When an exhaust fan doesn’t function properly, you risk a fire. Commercial kitchen fires can happen very easily, so taking the proper procedures to prevent them is important.

    AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOOD CLEANING keeps all major brand parts in stock so that we can replace and fix any possible problems you might have with your exhaust system.

    You can count on us to get your system up to and exceed a passing inspection quality.

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